From pencil sketches to 3D visualization, we have a wide range of tools at our disposal to make your idea a reality. We put all our forces to capture the identity and spirit you want to give to your piece.


- Original creation

- Proposals of stone setting and crimping

- Exceptional and standard part




The control of all the stages of production allows us to anticipate the feasibility, to optimize the quality and the costs of realization.


We can easily produce 3D technical construction plans as well as CAM programming.


Our 5-axis simultaneous machining equipment produces both serial parts and unique and complex models


In-house machining allows us to better meet deadlines and "micro-adjustments" guaranteeing a high-precision rendering.


All our setters are highly qualified in all types of setting (grain, baguette, invisible, claw) and colored stones.


Our versatility guarantees a great reactivity, even for series of complex parts.  Thanks to our know-how, we offer innovative techniques in gemstone setting.





A rigorous control is made from the reception of all the components, followed by a control during production and a final control in the respect of the quality criteria requested for each customer.





We dress and restore your antique pieces, damaged by time, and replace fallen or lost stones.


In order to deliver turnkey pieces, we manage all the steps from ordering stones to finishing, including polishing, fitting, engraving, enamelling, painting etc.

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