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The company Sertinergy was founded in 2001 by Ruben Notario.

Trained at Patek Philippe, he developed over the years a passion for technical challenges in crimping. He is thus able to produce the most complicated parts. Invisible crimping has naturally become one of his specialties.

Within Sertinergy, Ruben Notario has trained a large number of crimpers, to whom he has passed on all his rigor, his demands and his love for the profession.


Creation of Sertinergy in 2001 in Gland

CAD integration in 2006 

The workshop will move from Gland to Versoix in 2012.

In 2015, the company inaugurates its new premises in Meyrin.

Sertinergy designs its own mechanical workshop with CNC in 2015

In 2020 a second CNC machine will join the mechanical workshop

From January 2022, our workshop will have a stone cutting service

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